Furnitue design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Creation of nonstandard units

3D Rectangular form

Rectangular body

Creates parallelepiped, geometrical solid object. Its creation is connected with entering of exact sizes. After its positioning the change of the sizes and form of the object by the manipulators is not allowed. When you create primitive the drawing is necessary to be in a View top 

3D Cone

3D cone

Creates a three-dimensional solid - cone. Enter value of parameters (Radius of a basis, Height - from a basis up to top) and choose an insertion point. The negative values create a turned upside - down cone. the already entered parameters  can not be changed in the drawing.

 3D Sphere

3D sphere

Draws a solid - sphere. 

Enter Radius, choose a layer and specify a point for creation of sphere (centre) in the drawing (button Set). In a consequence radius cannot be changed.

 3D Cylinder

3D cylinder

Creates a solid body - cylinder. Enter radius of the circle into a basis of the cylinder. The value for height takes out the body of the cylinder upwards (on Z). The negative values creates a body downwards from the  basis. The button Set returns in the drawing to specify a position of the central point of the cylinder.After creation of the cylinder its parameters remain unchangeable.

 3D Ring

3D Ring

Creates a three-dimensional ring. Enter into a field Radius of an external circle distance from the centre  to the external part of a ring. After that enter a value Radius of pipe, which is equally  to half of width of a pipe of ring.

The list Layer shows all layers in the current job. To create a new layer, enter its name into a field. It creates automatically and connectes with primitive, which you create.
The button Set hides the form, returning in the drawing to specify an insertion point of primitive.
When you create primitive the drawing has to be in a Top view.

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