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Creation of nonstandard units

3D Elements

3D Grid

The operation automatically creates 8 models of grids. The created 3D Elements can be used as a rosettes or decorative partitions.

3D Element - Grid

Height of a basis, Lenght of base, Thickness of basis - The basis is a base, which is used for  cutting holes in it. These three parameters are the sizes of  the unit.

The decoratrion is that element, which is cut out in at regular intervals from the basis to get the chosen model. The number of decorations depends directly on its sizes (Decoration length and Decoration height) and on the distance between them, too (Distances between decorations). To  get a convex decoration, enter a value for  the thickness of a basis less than the depth of decoration.

Enter all values and press the button Create. Click the left mouse button on the working area to create it.

The grid creates as  independent common volumetric body. You can save it as an independent unit or you can use it as an element for construction of new unit.
 Press the right mouse button of the on the image - button to see the zoomed image of the model .

Rotation in degrees - This parameter defines the inclination of the laths. Its value may be 0 or -45 degrees.

Save as unit - Saves the created element as a  unit with the purpose of its use (and only) in the current drawing.  The generated  unit connects  with the nomenclature identifier TA, used from the module Additional elements, too . If you will use the generated element for construction of a new unit (module Creation of nonstandard units), you can remove this option. The saved as unit grids can be edited by module  Change unit sizes.

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