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3D Mouldings

3D Mouldings

Moulding 20

Click the left mouse button on the image of the model to choose it, to see or to edit parameters of  the concrete profile.

At first create a design line, on which there will extrude the basis in the drawing. Use the operations 2D line, 2D Broken line, 2D Arch or Polyline from the toolbar (in a mode View top). Do not use a spline. Use only one primitive, because the line must be continuous. If the line is tortuous, it is impossible to use it for extruding.

Every primitive has its own characteristics. They are set on default with optimal values. Press the left mouse button on the necessary one to choose it. Choosea way of extruding (vertical or horizontal) depending on the position of the constructor's line.  The extruding will begin from one of its end points (you will specify it in the drawing). If the two points are at an angle, choose the most suitable extruding depending on the value of the angle with the purpose of  less torsion of the created dense body (solid). The options "Delete design line and Delete the basis primitive are active by default.But if you want again to use them for other purposes except for profiles , you can switch off them. In such case after the extrude, move the solid to have an access to them.

The extruding process activates with the button Set. The operation returns you in the drawing to select an initial point of extruding (cursor of the mouse becomes a cross) and design line (the cursor becomes a square.)

Note:There is torsion of the primitive when its first and its end point have different coordinates on the three axes of the coordinate system. For example: if coordinates of the primitive are: on Z = 0 and Y = 0 for two points, then the torsion is impossible. If the value for its first and its end point are different, then creates a tortuous primitive.

Save as unit - Saves the created element as an unit with the purpose of its use (and only) in the current drawing. Generated unit connects  with the nomenclature identifier TC. If you will use the generated element for construction of a new unit (module Creation of nonstandard units), you can remove this mark.  The saved as unit decorations can be edited with the module  Change unit sizes. If created unit will participate in price formation, choose an option Create element nomenclature and enter its nomenclature name. The created element has a unit of measure "l.m.". For model 20 the unit of measure can be "sq.m.". (if the element will participate in cutting).

Height from floor level - Allows to set a position of the bottom point of an element  in relation to a room floor level. It is recommendatory to use this option when you generate wall or kitchen moulding.

Operations sequence:

  1. Create a constructional line, on which you will extrude.
  2. Choose section for extrusion in the form. 
  3. Specify a extrusion path till continuations of a constructional line and insertion point of the created 3D element.
Set the profile length  choosing points in the drawing -When this option is active it is not necessary to create a constructional line and to choose a direction (Horizontal or Vertical) for extruding. The module calculates an angle and makes primitive rotation automatically. Check the option, choose a extrusion path (Internal or External). If the option Save asunit is active, enter the name of its layer for rendering. If the element will participate in the price  formation, select the option Create element nomenclature. Press the button Create Specify  (one by one) the basic points of the design line in the drawing . For the end of selection press the right mouse button.

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