Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Horizontal and vertical menu

The program uses two standard menus.

  • Dropdown menu (under a command AutoCAD line), including the basic set of operations for creation of the drawng (menu "Operation").
  • Vertical - contains frequently used operations and commands. Some of commands in it open submenus ("View"), which hide the basic menu. For exit and return in main menu press " Menu Sintez ".Others open dialogue windows for positioning elements of the project ("Worktops") or activate operations ("Render").

Under a working window is the AutoCAD command line (" Command: ") for start commands, entering values, questions or productive values. In almost all cases Design Sintez automatically operates processes in AutoCAD and you do not have to work directly with it. Naturally, its complete ignoring is impossible and consequently you need periodically to check the messages in it. They could prompt you about  an unfinished operation or for an exit at incorrect work.

main window

Operations Copy and Create copy  - They can be used for new non-standard units' (2D and 3D primitives') creation and for copying of non-standard units. For copying of generated units use operation Copying of unit (you can find it in the Manager of operations and commands or Vertical menu) . It creates element nomenclatures and register the units in the program system. Otherwise the copies,created with Vertical menu, can't be measured with operation Automatically measurement of the units in the drawing.

Libraries with non-standard units

Horizontal menu edition

The module allows to construct and change the menu with the non - generated units of the program. In distinction from the similar operation in the module Creation of nonstandard units, here it is possible to add new sections to the main menu and submenus to them. Depending on the screen resolution of your monitor, the main menu will automatically be distributed on two lines when the first is full. It is possible to add units in a submenu, creating your own design (button Add in menu).  To add units it is necessary to activate the buttons Units register , Archival units register or Units from import show. In the field above them are all programs, participating and described in system, units (Units register, Archival units register) or units, imported in system. Shows a preview of selected unit, too.
By default it is possible to specify only one unit for addition. The double click in the field activates the group selection of units. The repeated double click cancels a group choice and restores a single choice of units. After addition of units from import in the menu, it is possible to erase them from the list. 

The operations follow step by step. Enter a  Name of the new menu (submenu).Specify in which section to the main menu or submenu you  want to add unit.  Press the button Add in menu to add the unit.  The name of new unit adds always under the marked line. The units are erased one by one, without warning. A main menu erases after deleting of all its submenus.

rearrange list - These buttons allows to rearrange menu and included units in it. The first two buttons moves the selected menu, submenu or unit one row upwards or downwards in the list. The second pair moves the menu or unit on the first and on the last row of the lists.

Search by unit name makes by typing it  (or at least the first few characters) into the field. If you do not have a loaded list for addition (it loads in the fourth column and can Units register, Archival units register  or Units of import), the search is performed on a user name and in all the menu. If you have a loaded list in the fourth column, the search is made on a unit  file name in the loaded list. The button to the right of the field makes searching for next match and if it finds any, shows it. The found units are displayed with their name and image (if of course there are saved such to the unit).

Deleting of unit from the menu - To delete a unit from the menu, select it from the list and press button Delete from menu. If the option from the right is turn on, besides the unit from the menu and its icon (if any) there will be deleted and as files from the disk and can not be added to the menu again. So if you still want to save them, turn off the option before delete a unit from the menu.

After editing of  the menu press the button Save menu to save the made changes.