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3D Text

3D Text

The module inserts texts in the drawing  . You  can enter the  text from the keyboard and then choose its position in the drawing.  You can enter any texts containing letters, numbers and signs. The maximal length of the text is 255 symbols. The text alignment executes automatically. For a new row press ENTER. If the text is previously prepared, you can copy it into the field (Ctrl+V). The usage of small or main letters does not matter, because at their addition they automatically become on the main letters. The module uses a ready character set and has only one font. The symbols are 3D objects (similarly to units) with a layer for rendering "TEXT". Theydon't participate in the Units register. They  are included in the Archival units  register and they  are automatically ignored at generating of the price offer. Don't add them in the menu. The parameters of the text for addition in the drawing are set by default into the fields for change at opening of the module. The changed values are set for the whole text. If you want to make the different symbols with the different sizes, remove a mark from an option Save text as  block, for that the each symbol to be a separate element.  Then, using operations Change unit sizes  and Unit  position, you can change and place symbols. By default the text creates as a one block (unit) with one base point. You can rotate the text at its addition too. In such case the rotation, as well as at ordinary units, makes around a base point and only if the option Save text as  block is checked.

The button Library increases the form sizes and shows the list with the texts, entered by you.You can supplement the list with entered texts into a field Text (button Add) and to not insert them in the drawing. You can delete the unnecessary with the button Delete. The button Set transfers the text, marked in the list, in the field Text  for  insertion in the drawing. If into a field has an entered text, you have to answer whether  you want to replace it  with the text from the list or want to add the text after it.  The symbol "," is ignored automatically at addition of  texts in the list. Press again button Library to restore the decreased view of the form.

Saves settings -  Saves the current settings of the text and applies them at next module loading.

Sets the basic settings - Cancels the made changes and sets those settings  which are defined by the software  instalation.

Symbols:: []()_-+  and numbers: 0123456789


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