Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

New job

 Creates new drawing. The dialogue window Create New Drawing opens. It defines the settings of bases (units in the drawing) and configure the working screen (see Configuration of AutoCAD for work). You can have some opened drawings  simultaneously depending on RAM of your computer.

Manual moving of units in the drawing

The manual moving proceeds in the drawing with no importance of the current view. It is faster as operation in comparison with the automatic (Unit position), but it is more inexact. In the example below are  shown two ways: snapping units and dragging units.

Select unit, press the mouse on some of its sides (contour lines) and press the left button. The unit is shown with a  dotted  line, and its base point is fenced in a rectangular.
The snapping between units  makes by their angular points.Stand with the mouse on the base point of the unit for moving, press the left button and specify with the mouse pointer a new position of a base point . There will be offered points for intercepting to the next units in the perimeter of a deviation of the mouse . Stop on the chosen point and press again left button of the mouse to move unit. 

When use a dragging , the angular points of units and base point of displaced unit are not snapping each other. The difference between this method and the method of attraction is that  there is always a distance between the units.The advantage of that way is that the position of the unit changes on axes of coordinate system only with a deviation at moving without snapping one or other next point from other unit. Stand the mouse pointer on any of the  unit sides, press and hold up the left button until the rectangular pointer of the mouse appear.

You can use each point from contours of selection as initial at dragging .

Split Windows

Applicability - to have some different views of the drawing simultaneously .  

1 screen
1 screens
3 screens
4 screens

  The maximal number of windows is 4. Always originally there is 1 window. If you want to use 2 windows, press from the menu 2 Windows and your screen will be divided on 2 working windows. To have 3 or 4 windows  choose the new number of windows. You can use one window to insert units, and others for views and edition. Choose a window, press the mouse left button on it and change the  view. Each window can be in various scale and in various mode of visualization (Parallel, Perspective, Hidden mode, etc.). In windows, in which the units are already painted, the changes made in the active window, have no effect. The active window of the screen is accepted by default at printing.

Automatic saving of the painted drawing as a graphic file

Automatically saves the rendered drawing in a graphic file type BMP. Saves the drawing and moves the graphic file to the drawing folder. At saving checks for the drawing name. If the name is service ("Drawing"), the module activates operation Saving a new job FORM, that saves the job in the system under user name. This operation can be activated by the modules: Manager of operations and commands, horizontal and vertical menu. The operation is unable when menu AutoCAD is loaded (by icon AutoCAD environment) and restores after loading of  Design Sintez menu.

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