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New unit construction

Using this program module, you can create a unit (tables, interior elements, beds and etc.) using a set of created elements, which can be designed, using primitives. The ready unit adds to the horizontal menu of the program. In this way you can create your own library with units, which can be used in the future drawings, increasing the design opportunities of the program.You can use 2D and 3D primitives. The 2D- primitives can not be used for union, internal cutting or cutting of section (operations from  the toolbar with icons), because they are not volumetric bodies. But they can be transformed in 3D body if they describe a closed area.  For this purpose the primitives, that close  two-dimensional area must be united( Create region from the toolbar).  Set the size of the missing third (Z) axis of the coordinate system Extruding. The  got 3D primitive can be used for creation of any forms depending on the purposes: an union with other bodies, cutting of parts and etc.  During the creation of units it is necessary to create various elements. Therefore it is practical to use some temporary working drawings simultaneously. Open some new jobs, in every activate the module New unit construction New Base and create the elements of unit in them. After that, using the operations Copying and Create copy from the Vertical menu, insert the ready elements in one drawing, and unite them as one unit.

The frequently used elements (handles, legs, ornaments for a cutting) you can save in separate drawings without saving them as units. This way you can use them in other units creation.

   After the end of work with new  unit you must close the form New unit construction and toolbar. Otherwise at the next opening AutoCAD will inform you   that this program module is already active (press the button OK to open the form).  The dropdown list Layer shows all layers in the current drawing. To create a new layer, enter its name into the field. It creates automatically and connectes with primitive, which you create.

 The button Set hides the form and returns you in the drawing to specify a point for positioning of the primitive.
When you create primitive the drawing must be in a Top view.


The operation returns you in the working drawing, hiding   the main form without closing the program module. It is for manipulation with objects in the drawing and work with a toolbar or menu of the program - horizontal and vertical. The form New unit construction opens by an icon shape.  The set new view remain active at positioning of primitives, until  it not be changed again from a toolbar.

 2D Line


The line is a basic primitive  for creation of more complex elements of the unit. You can build all kinds of ovall shapes, to transform them in area and create three-dimensional bodies from them. Into the fields Length on X and Length on Y enter the exact sizes. Depending on that  what  must be the  line - horizontal or vertical, check one of the fields Without deviation on Y or the other - for X. The entered size in the other field automatically ignores and you get a line with exact length or height. The line draws from the point, specified in the drawing, (button Set) from left to the right or from below upwards. If you have entered values into the two fields, the line will be diagonal. Here, certainly, does matters if the button ORTHO in the  AutoCAD status bar is switched on (it allows deviations only on 90 degrees). The value into the  field Height of line creates a tape. It is not recommendatory to close an element in area, in which participates a line with height .

 2D Arch

2D Arch

Draws an arch. Object is easy for work and extremely flexible. Values of two corners for first and end point are set in the form by default and if you want  can change them. The value Height of arch will extend  the line of an arch on height, creating a tape on Z. Its position in the drawing defines by the button Set. Then use the manipulating points to change its position, to pick up the end of an arch to other objects or to change radius.

 2D Ellipse

2D Ellipse

Draws an 2D or 3D ellipse.Enter the sizes of the two radiuses. You can specify the model of an ellipse (in vertical or in a horizontal position) in a view in which you are.

Create area  - Saves the created 2D ellipse as area (region) with the purpose to exttrude solid.

Create three-dimensional body - Automatically creates three-dimensional body (solid) from created area having in view the entered value for Thickness of body. This option has direct connection with Create area.

The button Create returns in the drawing for specifying the position of the central ellipse point .

If the option Create area is switched off, you can manually change the radiuses. Use their points for manipulation. You must have in view that the radiuses values have a direct relation and the kind of ellipse is defined from the correlation between them.

2D Polygon

Polygonal shape

Creates a polygon. Enter radius of a circle, on which the points of the polygon will be projected. The circle actually does not exist. It is used only as a way of description of the polygon. The number of the sides can not be less than 3 (triangle) and it is equal to the number of angles. After its creation in the drawing you can use the points for intercepting on corners to change the form of the polygon.

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