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Units register

Units register - main window

The register includes a full list of units participating in system of the program. It is long 1000 lines ( which is the maximal number of units, that you can use). All units, included in  Units register can participate in formation of the prices (Price offer formation) depending on their measure. The units with a measure "package" can participate at automatic materials' cutting (this is its basic difference in comparison with Archival units register). The loading needs time depending on technical parameters of your computer. The new units can be added by the button New. Enter the following obligatory values into the fields under the list:  

  • The exact unit file name into a field Unit name. For correct saving of the name the most suitable way is to copy (Ctrl+C) the name of unit in Windows Explorer in a mode Rename (change of a file name). To have not repeated records of unit in the list, enter or create a copied name (Paste or Ctrl+V) into a field Search name.  The index in the list will take a position on a line of the found item (if such record exists). Click on the button Search to continue the text searching. The operator can change the units' file names. Enter a new name into a field Unit name.   The made correction saves automatically. The existing unit will be deleted and creates new one with a new name. If there is a graphic image to this file, its name will change too.
  • Sizes of unit (on X, Y, Z)
  • Unit measure- you can use the following measures:  number, sq.m.,  l.m.. These units must not include an element nomenclature, because their price is accepted directly from specified in the drawing column (Price 1,2,3,4..). The entered prices must correspond to a unit of measure (number - single price; sq.m. - price of a square, l.m. - price of linear meter). For unit with unit of measure "package" - the measure assumes, that to unit there will be connected elements. Therefore prices into fields (Price 1,2,3,4..) will not be used.  

The deleting and correction of units are allowed. Entered incorrect names, sizes and the measures will reflect on work of the system. If you want the created by you units in the module Construction of new unit to participate in price calculating of the job, it is necessary to enter them into the Units register.  If the units will not participate in price formation, save them into the  Archival units register. The button Verification checks for missed and mistakes at entering of units, which will create problems at price formation. The module checks the list for not entered units of measure and units's sizes on X and Y for a measure "package", or missed prices in a Column 1 for other units of measure.

The command Delete requires confirmation. The operation is irreversible. Unit is erased from:
     1. Units register
     2. Nomenclature units ( with all elements, connected to it).
     3. Libraries with non-standard units

Path  to file of unit- to not copy or to remember the file names of units, use this button Open to specify an address of of the unit, that you need.The program checks the list for a unit with such a file name. If there is a coincidence, the found unit will be specified. Otherwise file name of unit will be loaded in the register as new unit. File of unit and its graphic images (if such are found in a directory with a file) will be copied into a working program directory.

Moves in Archival units register - During work those units, which are not related to formation of the prices, but are necessary for creation of the drawings (for example additions to an interior) can be moved automatically from the Units register to Archival units register.  Select a unit for moving and press the button. 

If you have some licences (shop, the office etc.) and use one database, then you have to move  units from one workplace to another . The operation does not require any special skills. Except physical moving of units, it is necessary to add units as the descriptions in Units register or Archival unit register and to add them in the menu. To save time and avoid mistakes during entering, you can use the system, created in the program.

Export and Import of units in the Registers:

1. Units register - here you can create an export file for export of units .    

2. Import of units - adds units from an export file in the Units register or Archival or replaces the changed.

3.  Horizontal menu correction- for addition of the imported units (Units from import)

For export of units uses a file - transporter. At first choose a file  path (address) in the Units register and enter its name (on latin types) or specify it in a folder, where it is (if it is already created).  The button  Properties  will open the form for a choice of  path and file name, which will be set as default at the next activation of the operation.You can use unlimited number of export files, having entered the various names. The program automatically adds "IMP" as files expansion with the purpose of their fast searching. Open Units register and select a unit to add it in the export file. Click on the button For export.  Automatically creates subdirectory based on the specified paths with a name of an export file, in which makes an assembling of units for export. Press the button  Export register to view the units in the file. It shows the reduced list (only some columns) of units, chosen for export. If you use one file several times, the entered in it units for export will be accumulated. For that to be not confused which units have got already exported and which are not, you can delete them from the list (select  them and press key  Delete (Del)).  

After the end of operation you have to copy (use command Copy) the export directory with exported units together with their accompanying graphic files (they have  the same name). You can use e-mail to send the file, too. On the other computer create a copy (command Paste) of an export directory.

All units in the list - The option sets selection of all units in the list with the purpose of their group export as an export file.

Archival  units register

This is the second basic register in the system.  It is intended for saving of information about units, which can participate at creation of the drawings, but will be automatically missed at Price offer formation and at all connected with this operation other operations and nomenclatures. The Register has a similar structure by module Units register. Method of work and form of visualization are identical. Its maximal volume is 2000 rows.  The units from these two registers can be included in the same export file (directory) at export of units.To move units from Archival units register to Units register, select an item and press the button Add in Archival units register.  If unit has a measure "package" and created element nomenclature, after its returning in Units register it will restore them automatically.

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