Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Standard operations

Zoom Zoom - Scales a screen  area. The operation allows to select overlapped points. Hides the form, returning  you in the drawing to choose first and last point of area from the screen, which must be scaled. After the selection of first point with the left mouse button) you have to hold up  the button pressed and drag the mouse. On the screen shows a rectangle between the first and end point.  
Whole drawing Show the whole drawing on the screen  -  The operation is an opposite to the scaling of area.
Minimize   Minimizes form for a drawing visibility - Zoom out the form for better visibility of the drawing. The form becomes smaller in the top left corner of the screen.To restore its normal view, stand the mouse pointer on it. The applicability of operation is a visibility of the screen. Before restoration of the screen original view , manipulations and start of other operations are not allowed.
Delete   Delete a unit from the drawing - Erases a unit from the drawing. The operation hides the current form, returning you in the drawing for selection of unit for deleting. The canceling of deleting makes by button ESC.
By layerHide units by layer - Shows a list with all registered layers in the drawing. The applicability of operation is to make invisible those units in the drawing, which not allow a choice of a point of intercepting (temporarily).  All units in the job register their layers in it. To make layers, necessary for you, invisible, you have  to check them in the list. At the next deleting of units, those layers, which they have That becomes a reason for increasing of the list and for difficulties at definition of the seen layers. In these cases you can select only those layers, which you want to be seen and to check the option Does not hide selected. Hide layer

Status tape


SNAP -  Attaches the cursor through the given interval (i.e. to units of a discrete network). When this auxiliary  tool is active, the cursor "jumps up" from a point to a point in this network. The distance between points of the discrete network calls "step".

GRID - Shows an auxiliary network  for better orientation . The network is projected in the positive sector of the coordinate system. Having in view the structure of the program, the auxiliary network will not be necessary for creation of the drawings.

ORTHO -  The adjustment that  limits the operations with units only in horizontal and vertical direction on 90 degrees. 

POLAR - Polar discrete network.Allows the attachment of the cursor on the given angular increase, for example through 0.5 units in a corner of 45 degrees . 

OSNAP - Sets modes for an attachment - intercepting to objects. The pressing of the right button on the tool opens a dialogue window Drafting Settings, where in page Object Snap you can choose modes of attachment or to put a mark on the option Select All to activate all points.

The statusbar view can be changed: its operations can be displayed as icons or text buttons. To replace the icons with text, press right mouse button on the toolbar. Context menu opens. Uncheck the option Use icons. To get the opposite result the way is the same, but you must check the option Use icons.

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