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Import of units in Units register and Archival

Import of units

The operation  is  intended for work on some remote workplaces (shop, office etc.). These workplaces use the same database of units and registers, connected to them. It uses created in the Units register and Archival units register file with the descriptions of the units for export for addition and edition on a concrete workplace. The physical transfer of units and images, connected to them, is work of the operator of the system.The importation concerns only with the Units register and  Archival units register. The check for physical existence of units does not make.

The file -  bearer with the  inventories for export can has a different name each time or you can use some different files . At first specify its location and name. Activate the button List for import to choice a file - bearer. Into the  field  Mask - filter, in  the window showing your file structure, is given the file expansion. Change  the mask on " *. * " to see all files in the  current directory. The name of  the  file-bearer  can be user-defined. If the choice is wrong, the import will be switched off in an emergency.  After you choose the file,press the button Test for New and Changed units. The checking makes for new or existing units, but with  a different description and it is made in parallel in the two lists. Basic for searching  is Units register.

The units in List of new units can be added in Units register or Archival depending on that whether they will participate in formation of the prices or not. The units from the List of changed units will be automatically corrected in the register, in which they were found as a result of the test.  The import is made by the consecutive indication of unit in the list and activation of the respective button (Adds in... Or Correction in the registers).  The program checks the directory whence you have loaded  the file-bearer of the units for import -whether you have transferred the physical files of the units.  If the program find them, they will be copied in the respective directories and will be deleted from the import folder.

After the end of operation all new units, added in the system, will be loaded automatically in the list Units from import for addition in the menu using operation Correction of horizontal menu

Layers in the units

Layers in tne units

The increasing number of units in the program is the reason for increase of the number of layers participating in them. The purpose of the module Layers in units is to create and to support the register of all used layers in the units. The program supports  a complete list of layers, irrespective of the units (from Units register or Archival) in which these layers  participate.

The button  Complete list  shows information about the participating layers in each unit. If you added in system units (Units register  or Archival),  which were created on other workplace, then the shown list will be incomplete. In this case after import of units use the option Update the complete list with layers (select an inventory, in which the units are added and check For the inventory). The created new complete list will update automatically the system register. The mark For unit shows only layers of the specified unit and updates only information about it. It requires less time.  

You can load the list of units and participating in them layers in Excel or Open office (button Print) for viewing of layers and printing.

Searching for unit Enter its name or part of it into the field under the list. If there is a match in the beginning of the name it will be shown. If you want to find next match in the beginning of the name, click on the button at the right of the field. For searching for a match as a part of element name, click on the second button.

Here you can change the names of each layer of a non-standard unit. Select the unit and press the button Changes the layers names of the unit. Mark the layer and enter its new name into the field below. Press the button Change the name. To save the changes and close the dialog, press Saves changed names.

The module ca work with maximum 9 layers in one unit.

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