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The module uses for  tasks' entering, notes, their retrace and organisation of the working process.


Entering of a new task

Press button New task. Enter the subject name into the field Subject or choose it from the drop-down menu. Towards each theme can be created sections, that are only towards it (they are loading only when it is active)In analogous way enter or choose a section into the field Section. Enter the task's detail description into the field Task (the maximum number of symbols is 256). After you have entered the entire content, press the button Add new task. The entered information will be loaded into the list Not done.

Task's changing
The entered task at first has status Not done. To change this, you must use the operation Task correcting. Select a note from the list and activate the option Done.  In analogous way executes the opposite operation (the difference is that you must deactivate the option Done). You may change  the subject, the section and the content of the task.

To change the name of theme in the list, click the left from a field. Enter the new in the opened window and click Save. Then you need to press Save edited task and Save to save the changes. The change of the name will be reflected in the entire list.

Deleting of a task - Select an item from the list and click Delete.

Operations with lists - they refer to the registers with entered tasks.They include:

  • Searching  of columns: Number, Subject, Section, Task - Enter a text into a field Text for searching and check the columns, in which you want to search.After that press some of the buttons on the right of the field. The first one searches in the beginning of a string and the second- in the whole text.
  • Filtering by column Subject - Enter or choose from the dropdown list an item according to which to be  filtered the list.  Delete the content of the field to return in the full register .
  • Sorting by columns Number, Subject and Section -To sort the list, press the left mouse button on the name of the column, that you want to sort.

Add the task in Menager of operations and commands  -  The option sets an icon of the selected task in Menager of operations and commands. It allows to put reminders messages on the desktop and load them quickly for preview and editing. If you want to show the task on the desktop, check this option when you save or edit it. The task will be deleted from the desktop  after its moving in group  Done; after deleting or switching off of the option.

The option Reminding activates a reminder to task on a particular day. By default, loads the current date on the computer. To change it, enter a new in the field. Marked in this way appears in the task manager of operations and commands as a bulb icon. In the selected day will display a message in Operations managerthat you have a task for execution. Click the icon to load the task of reviewing and correction if necessary.

When you  leave the dialog, you have two options: to save the changes with the button Save or to reject them with the button Cancel.

Print -This button loads the selected task as a Notepad file for preview and printing. Activates automatically the option  Printed out  for selected task.

Print the list of tasks - This button loads the list of all tasks in the current list as a Notepad file for preview and printing. Activates automatically the option  Printed out for all tasks from the current list./p>

The option Not printed out sorts the active list, hiding those tasks, which were already printed out. The purpose is a faster work with the lists.

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