Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

View v.1

Views- save and load

Creates and sets named views. The operation is used for saving created 3D views of the drawing with the purpose of their subsequent use. It allows to make changes in a drawing after saving the view (Save a new view) and to restore the already saved 3D view (Set view). Double clicking on row from the list or pressing the Enter key activate the button Set view and loads the selected view.

If you use some working windows, saves the view of the active one.

The object CAMERA is visible - Its status controls if to display or not the objects for camera in the job for views , created with  modules Views and User Views. It is recommended for jobs with many saved views to turn it off, so as not to overburden the job.

The saved views can be restored from the contextual menu (operation Camera --> Saved Views). 

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