Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Operations Manager

During its development Design Sintez progressively increases its opportunities. This becomes a reason for the large volume of operations, the access to which takes up a lot of time.

Command manager

At opening of new job the manager activates automatically.  During work you can call it using the following ways: 

  • If the current drawing is on focus, use a keyboard combination Ctrl + A. Press the button Ctrl and simultaneously with it click on the button A once. Then unpress these buttons. 
  • Press the right mouse button of the working screen.

The list of all open jobs uses for fast navigation between the opened ones. Use double pressing of the mouse left button on a name of the drawing to activate it.

List of sent for rendering jobs to the service server - If you have already sent jobs for coloring to the seerver of Design Sintez, their names will be displayed in a list until you receive back a rendered image (picture) and status of the  sent jobs - Waiting or Rendering. Left mouse button  double click on a job's name checks if there ready image to it and if find such picture, download and paste it in the job's folder. Right click cancels the made request and remove the job from the list  when its staus is WaitingRendering the combination Shift + right mouse click cancels the made request.

The yellow icons with text to them load the  module Organizer and current task for preview and editing. This way you can add reminder messages on the desktop and quickly load them . The maximal quality of the shown tasks is 30. If a task has a set reminder to the current date in module Organizer, the icon of the task becomes bulb and the screen displays a message. To load the task for review click the left mouse button on it.

Degree of magnification change at mouse wheel moving - Controls how much the magnification changes when the mouse wheel moves forward or backward. Accepts an integer between 3 and 100 as a valid value. The higher the number, the more the change.

This button opens dialog Parameters by default. 

Command manager - Parameters by default

Distance between buttons - Set the fix distance between the buttons.

Schemes for automatically rearrangement of buttons - use the schemes-buttons to rearrange desktop icons. Select a scheme with left mouse button. To preview, press right mouse button over the image. You must have in mind that after you choose and load a scheme, you can’t restore the previous arrangement automatically. That is possible only by manual moving the icons.

Automatically sets a mode of visibility "3D wireframe " at loading modules requiring a choice of unit from the job - The state of the option is reflected in modules  Insert units, Unit correction,Copying of unit and  Group addition and deleting of units, which require to select units from the drawing. When it is set on, during the loading of these modules the view mode in the drawing will be changed to 3D Wireframe with the purpose better visibility of the objects (for example some sinks, sink mixers and other non-standard units). When the option is not on will be saved this view mode of the objects, which was established before the modules loading.

Path to the downloaded received rendered images - By default all returned painted images of jobs will be saved in its job folder and they can be seen after loading the module Open job and selecting flag BMP / JPG. If you wish to save all received images in one common folder, switch off a flag In job folder. For preview: Open job--- > BMP/JPG. Click on the button taking place to the right from a field and specify a new way for saving. Click on the button Save to set the made change.

User distribution of the buttons on the screen - In this section you can save your own distribution of the buttons on the screen as a user scheme and to load this distribution when this is necesarry. The button Saves current scheme saves the parameters of active distribution on the screen. Always is saved the last distribution. The previous distributions will be overwritten. Click on Set the saved scheme to load an existing scheme.

Seen layers in the drawing

The module shows all layers in the drawing, for definition of seen and invisible units, using the layers, connected to them. In the list you will see invisible layers from the previous execution of operation. To make a unit or group of units invisible, select a name of layers, which participates in unit . For this purpose you can use  key combinations (Ctrl or Shift + left click) or selection by mouse. The units set as invisible do not participate at drawing rendering.

At opening of operations: Worktops , Insert units, Change unit sizes  invisible layers in the job are shown, because these modules have a  built-in system for work with layers. The layers become invisible again after exit from them .

Unselect all layers - Removes a mark from all marked layers

Show all layers in the drawing  - Shows all layers in the project, inclusive service.

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