Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Interior elements- pictures, posters, landscapes, carpets

The module adds  interior elements in the drawing automatically. These elements are not related to the formation of the prices. At the same time they are a inseparable part of an interior of each drawing. You can add: pictures, posters, landscapes, carpets.

Interior units

  The category selects in the falling list next to the button Create. The  category  Pictures M is sellected by default. On the screen are loaded 12 images. Use buttons Previous and Next to see all images in the libraries. Click the left mouse button on the chosen image. It shows in the top right corner of a window.   In the  field Object you can see its file name, and into the  fields Length and Height - its sizes.When you change its length or height, the other size changes proportionally.  To change the size, enter a new value into a respectively   field. To see a zoomed image use right mouse click on it.  For an exit from the preview mode and to return in the basic window, press the left or right mouse button on the increased image

Addition of frames - to add a frame to the chosen unit, select an option Add frame. The option is active by default. The frames models  are shown in the left part of the window. Click on the chosen model. Its image shows in the top right window's corner above the button Create. You can change the parameters of the frame (length, height, inclination, position from a floor level). The options  Position from a  floor level  and  Inclination are parameters of the whole image - the picture and the frame to it.

You can modify the frame arches radius too. Press the right button on the image of the chosen frame. Opens an window Radius of arches . Here you  can set for each arch (depending on model of a frame),  radius different than by default. After the correction close the window.

Addition of  glass - Uses mainly for pictures. The  option  Add glass  must be checked. This option is active by default. If you don't want to add glass, remove a mark. 

Other basic parameter of the image is his angle of rotation at its insertion in the drawing. You can  define an angle of rotation in window Rotation (button rotate.gif). The rotation  is  around the centre of the image in a view top.

   You can add a white field between the picture and the frame. Enter the size of a field in  White field.  Then you can connect this layer (layer of a white field) with a texture. The entered field size increases the total sizes of unit (specially sizes of a frame), but don't  change the size of a picture.

Enter the image settings.  Press the button Create to generate it.  Always insert pictures before addition of light sources.The created image sets automatically having in view the room  base point (if the room is generated automatically, the image will be added in its centre - coordinates: 0,0,0).

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