Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Starting the program operations

Operations loaded by Command manager

Global Settings

System parameters

Program parameters – Starts the operation for setting and changing the global parameters of the program.

Correction of horizontal menu _ico

Menu of nonstadard units– Loads the operation for editing of menu with nonstandard units.


Organizer - Its function is insertion of jobs,notes,their retrace and organisation of the work process.

Load menu Cad Load menu AutoCAD. The loading of this menu disables operation Save drawing in a graphic file FORM.
Load menu Design Sintez Load menu Design Sintez.
test of units
Loads module Units' tests. Той се използва за почистване на системата от ненужни вече елементи и за възстановяване на повредени такива.
unit's list
Loads a list Units register for preview and if necessary - editing.  The register includes a full list of non-standard units participating in system of the program.. All units, included in  Units register can participate in formation of the prices (Price offer formation) depending on their measure and cutting.
archival units register

Loads a list  Archival units register for preview and if necessary - editing. The register includes a full list of non-standard units which can't participate in process of pricing and cutting.

Import of units in Units register and Archival -  Adds in program non-standard units created on other working place based on the export inventory.

Shows all open drawings - Loads on screen all opened jobs. Allows coincident work with several jobs and allows you to make operations between them -copying units from one to other and etc.

Working screens of the drawing - Defines how many working screens to be shown the job on. Available variants are from 1 to 4.The purpose of several working screens is to have in real time several different views of job at its constructing.

Print - Plots a drawing to a printer.

Operations with units
non-standard unit
Creation of non-standard modules - The module is used to create modules (tables, chairs, etc.) using a set constructed on the basis of 2D and 3D primitives. The finished module saves to the program menu. This way you  create your own libraries of modules which can be used  in your future jobs, expanding the design capabilities of the software.
Edit unit sizes Change unit sizes –Changes the sizes of selected unit.
Unit rotation  2D Unit Rotation –  Performs rotation of a unit in two-dimensional view.
Unit position

Unit position – The operation is used for precisely moving and positioning of a unit.

Copy unit

Copying of unit – Copies a generated unit from the drawing, together with its adjoining element nomenclature. Registers the created copy in the program system. It is not the same as Copy -Create copy from Vertical menu (These options make only physical duplicates,they don't create element nomenclatures and do not register the units in the program system.)

Unit correction

Unit correction – Opens for  editing  an already generated by program unit.This operation is applicable only for generated polyelement  units.

Mirror turning - Makes horizontal or vertical turning of the selected unit in a view top. The rotation makes around the unit's base point.

The module displays information about a selected unit in the current job. Gives a complete information about the units generated by module Cabinet.

Delete unit from the drawing - Returns in the job to select a unit for deleting. You can delete only a single unit irrespective of whether it is a part of a common group for selection or not.

Invisible units in the job - Temporarily hides single units from the job with the purpose of better visibility in some operations.

Groups of units - The module shows all included in the common sellected groups of units from the job. Allows to disconnect separate units from group, or to delete the whole groups and separate them to single units.

Work with jobs/ drawing

New job/drawing

New job – Opens new empty drawing. The job must be saved under a user name,different from Drawing before work with it. Otherwise the job making operations as Room generating, Insert units and etc. will not be active.

Open job/ drawing

Open job – Loads the list with the saved drawings in the program system for choice and opening.

Save a drawing

Save a job – Saves the job under its user name (if it is a new one) or saves the changes in an already saved one.

Save as new job

Save as new job – This operation is used for saving a new drawing with its user name or for entering an already existing one with a new name.

Customer information- Directly loads the window with information about your customers.

Operations intended for creation a drawing / job

Room generating

Room generating – Opens a dialog for setting-up the parameters and generating a new premise (room) or for editing the characteristics and pregenerating of the existing one.

Insert units

Insert units – The operation automate the process of adding units in the drawing (non-standard) and opens the modules for generating of polyelement units- Cabinets,Kitchen worktops and sinks an etc.

loads module Cabinet
Cabinet - Loads module Cabinet, which generates furniture designs, automatically creates and adds in the nomenclature their element structure necessary for calculation of an expenditure of materials during formation of the prices and cutting. 

Kitchen Countertop and sink - The module generates countertops of different shape, with or without a sink and a sink mixer to it. Creates and element nomenclatures for pricing purposes.
Additional elements

Additional elements – The module generates one-element units in the drawing.The units have functional purpose as self-dependent units or as additional elements toward other units.They can be used for creation of interior elements in the room with different shape,   columns, arches, rosettes and etc.


Worktops – Starts the operation of entering the parameters and generating of a worktop,wall panels (vertical worktop) and plinths.

Group addition and deleting of units

Addition of doors/ fronts and handles – Automates the operation about adding fronts toward generated cabinets and adding handles toward the fronts.


Sets - The set is a few cabinets (group of cabinets),fronts and handles,all that saved in one template.Created once,the set can be called in and generated in other job, without making and arranging again all units in the set.

2D Text

Addition and correction of 2D text in the drawing - The module is been used for adding and editing 2D texts in the drawing.

three-dimensional text
Insertion of 3D texts in  the drawing - The module is been used for adding and editing three-dimensional texts in the drawing.
Faience - terracotta Faience - terracotta - The module generates tiles by beforehand given scheme and parameters. Its purpose is to construct the interior-walls and floor,regardless of their type (bathrooms,kitchens and other premises).

Dimensioning operations

Measurement and dimensioning - Opens operation for measurement of a distance, angle and/or of radius in the drawing. The drawing of the sizes makes by a way of a manual selection of points. It is recommendatory to use it for single units.

Automatic dimensioning of units - Opens operation of dimensioning of the drawing. The dimensioning makes on basis of specified units in View top and View front.

Rendering operations
Texture library

Texture library – Open the operation for connecting the layers in the project with palettes. You can add user textures in the libraries.Here can change a texture characterizations  that is connected with layers,without leaving the module.

Layer-texture- This module allows to be attached by default concrete palettes to layers , that belong to respective nonstandard unit. Subsequently in module Texture libraries you will not  have to connect the layers of these units with palettes , because they will be automatically appropriated.
Layers of units
Layers in the units - Creates and  supports register of all used layers in the units. Allows to change the names of layers of non -standard units
Edit texture characteristics

Correction of the texture characteristics – Open the operation for editing the texture characteristics in AutoCAD environment.

Hide layer

Visible layers in the drawing – Defines which layers in the drawing to be visible and which - not.It is used for freezing layers for better visibility at some operations.

Render a drawing using textures

Render a drawing using textures – Opens a dialog where you can change the settings of the rendering and its starting.

Render parameters - Opens a window for adjustment of common parameters for colouring. THE OPERATION DIFFERS FROM OPERATION ABOVE!

Views – It is used for saving fixed views for rendering, printing or for  follow-up loading.

Light sources - User's system

Light sources - User system – Starts the operation for creation and adding light sources in the drawing.

Light sources - Standard system

Light sources - Standard system -Starts the operation for creation and adding light sources in the drawing in AutoCAD environment.


Camera – Activate the operations needed for setting a view for rendering - moving, scaling, rotation, perspective settings and etc.

Save a drawing in a graphic file FORM

Save a drawing in a graphic file FORM – Saves the coloured image as a picture depending on the set path in module Command menaver, page Setting by default.

Interior units Interior units - Insert  interior units in the drawing - pictures, carpets, landscapes,  posters.
add image
Loads module for insertion of  raster images in the job.

Operations for pricing and cutting .

load nomenklatures
Loads а window for entering and /or editing of nomenclatures used for price formation and cutting.
Price offer

Price offer – Starts the joining of the elements with materials. The operation go before the cutting of materials.

Cut Base Pro

Cutting of sheet materials - Starts the cutting operation and the printing of details specification. Allows to craeate export files to other applications.

Opens a spreadsheet of the active job - Opens a worksheet of the working drawing that contains the generated and saved to it reports for pricing and cutting - Price offer, Material expenditure, Calculation on units/ Calculation in all,  Specification of details.

User view

User view – The operation is used for fast setting of a view for rendering by specifying of the looker on position and the object position.

Wireframe mode 2D -  Turns the drawing in wireframe mode. AutoCAD sets in the final image an icon of two-dimensional coordinate system. Should be used for visualizing the text in the Manual cuting.

Wireframe mode3D – Displays the objects using lines and curves to represent the boundaries.
Hidden mode Hidden mode – Displays the objects using 3D wireframe representation and hides lines representing back faces.

Realistic - Shades the objects and smooths the edges between polygon faces.

Enables / Disables preset level of transparency for 3D objects  in realistic mode of  visibility of the objects - The level of transparency for 3D solids and surfaces can be set between 100 percent opaque (fully opaque objects) and 0  percent opaque(completely transparent objects). Negative numbers store the value but turn off the effect. The value by default is 60%.
Existing visual styles are not changed when you enter a new value for this system variable. Any new value entered for this system variable temporarily creates an unsaved new visual style.
Perspective view
Turn on / Turn off perspective view -  Specifies whether the current viewport displays a perspective view. Turn on a perspective view if is switched of and contrary.
Zoom area
Zoom in screen area - Zoom in a screen area by selecting of rectangular area with pressed left mouse button
Zoom area
Show the  whole drawing on the screen - Displays the entire drawing in the current view.

navigation wheel
Navigation wheel -  Displays a wheel that contains a collection of view navigation tools. SteeringWheels are tracking menus that are divided into different sections known as wedges. Each wedge on a wheel represents a single navigation tool.
Front view Front view –  Turns the drawing in front view.
Top view

Top view - Turns the drawing in view from above

Left view

Left view - Turns the drawing in view from the left.

Right view

Right view - Turns the drawing in view from the right.

View from below View from below -  Turns the drawing in view from below
Back view Back view - Turns the drawing in view at the back.
North-west view

North-west view - Turns the drawing in north-west view.

North-east view

North-east view - Turns the drawing in north-east view.

South-east View South-east View - Turns the drawing in south-east view
South-West View South-West View -Turns the drawing in south-west view.

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