Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Cabinets - Generated multielement units

Exploded view

 The option creates an constructive scheme of the generated cabinet. Shows information about the expence on elements calculated on base of the active options and parameters given at its generating.  The exploding scheme is intended only for information and printing. It has no direct communication with the calculation of the materials.

The sequence of operations is:  Enter all parameters for generating. Select an option Exploded view. Opens a new drawing with a service name gen_wyzel_otgore_COPY. The operation executes in it. You can print the drawing or save the content of the service job under another user name (if will use it later). To generate an exploding view of other cabinet, close the service drawing and choose the new unit for correction. This way you can generate consistently all units in the drawing (which are created by the module Cabinet certainly) again  and to create a working scheme for each one of them.

The visualization of the exploding scheme depends on entered values in the window Parameters by default---> Page Exploded view of the module Cabinet into the fields: Angle of rotation in degrees (defines rotation of the cabinet's elements on X and on Y in the coordinate system), Distance of elements in %  (defines a percentage ratio of elements' distances  from the cabinet centre). The exploded scheme shows all elements in a numbered list. In the drawing are visible only elements with a unit of measure sq.m. and number (without the entered as additional). Before printing you can use a mode of perspective, rotation of the drawing in camera, or to set a mode Hidden mode (in this mode probably some numbers of elements will become invisible ) to design the drawing finally.

The unit of measure of element sizes in the legend to the assembly scheme  sets in the form  Parameters by default --->page Exploded view

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