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Cabinets - Generated multielement units

Creation and work with templates


Save the current parameters of the cabinet as a template - Opens the window Templates for saving a new template. It saves already configured constructions of units for generating, which can be used subsequently. Enter the template name. All parameters, in this number  the layers' names are saved. When you save a template, you can add an explanatory text to it  (enter it into the field  Text to the template. Using the option Create icon, it is possible to add also the scheme of the kept template.

The duplication of the  names of the templates is not allowed.If names coincide, the new template will replace the existing.

Export of group - Creates an export folder with templates which can be added to another workplace.

Import of group - Imports a created on another workspace export  folder to this workspace. The name of the imported folder should not exist in the list of template groups.

Shows the register of templates for a choice - The parameters of the activated template load in the main module form, re-covering  the existing settings.  After generating of the unit they are set by default for the next start of the module. It's recommendatory to save as templates all generated cabinet models  with the purpose not to enter their parameters' manually each time. To see the image of the saved templates (similarly as the units from the library in the module Insert units)  you have to create and save  their pictures. You have to save the image in a directory (folder) "C:\acad_pic\SHKAF_SHABLONI \ " under the  template's name. For more concrete information read the theme  Icon creation -step by step. The image deletes together with a template. If the template has no  icon,  it will be shown in a schematic preview.

The templates in the lists,as the list with the groups,can be rearranged. Select a row and press the buttons Line down and Line up, to move it downwards or upwards. The buttons-arrows move the selected template uppermost or the lowest in the list.

Text to the template -In this field you can enter an explanatory text to a template or to edit an already existing one. Save the made changes with the button Correction of the text to the  template

   You can create your own groups of templates. Press the button Add new group. Select template and group, to which you want to add it. Press the button between the two lists. If you want to remove a template from a group, choose it and press the right mouse button on it. Double click of the mouse left button opens the selected template  for generating. Together with creation of a new template creates and a new group Undistributed (if it does not exist). All the new templates save here automatically and remain in this group until their deleting or moving in other group.

   Every template saves  together with the names of the element nomenclatures to it. These nomenclatures are unique for a concrete template. If in a consequence you load this template again, the cabinet will be generated, using the entered names of the nomenclature elements for the purposes of the price offer formation and the cutting. The uniqueness of a template has relation with the current names of the elements' layers, too.

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