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Cabinets - Generated multielement units

Construction settings - Back panel

Back panel position

The option sets the back panel construction settings for the generated unit.

These icons are buttons for a choice of the back panel position. Press the left button on the image to choose position. The repeated pressing restores construction Butted to side panels.Here is possible to change the back panel thickness entering new value into the field Thickness.

Possible back panel positions:

Butted to side panels  - Changes a back panel position.Automatically decreases the sizes of all end panels, shelves, drawers and inner walls (partitions) with the thickness of back panel and recalculates  the respective element nomenclatures.

Between panels - Sets a value for the back panel moving forward to the cabinet face depending on its initial position. The option is active for all back panels positions. The distance can be measured using the button which takes place on the left from the field.  If the option  Changing the depth of the adjoining to the Back panel elements is selected, the depth of the cabinet elements, which size depends on back panel's position (partitions, shelves and drawers), will be automatically decreased with this value.

The additional parameters for distances from below and from above define the residual size of a back (visually and as element nomenclature) and its position on a cabinet height. They have direct dependence on the chosen positions of the back panel and allow generating of other cabinet models (some models of desks and tables too). For example: if the option Butted to side  panels is active, to the entered distances from below and from above automatically will be added the value Distance of back panel from the external size (window Parameters by default).

For option Dadoed side panels the back panel will be generated according to the values Between panels and  Dado , and then will be decreased  with the distances from below and from above.

Distances on  left and from the right allow you to generate a back only as a part of the cabinet length. For example: back panel from a partition to the right panel of the cabinet (it will be open from the left panel to this partition).

Editing of back panel shape -  The dialogue for shape change is loading with left mouse button clicked over the respective field for preview. When option Generate Back panels between partitions is active for each area back panel can be different shape. The large number of parameters allows you to create numerous shapes. The mode of work is similar to the one, described in section Construction settings - Top. If one back panel covers two areas of the cabinet, the back panel shape will be same as the shape of first area. For example: If back panel is situated between first and third partition (i.e. second and third areas), the back panel shape will be same as the shape of the back panel for second area.

back panel's edgebanding
Button Thickness of edgebands - In this section is determined the personal thickness of the edgebands of the detail. It is selected from the drop-down list and for each edgeband can be set different thickness. If the thickness of the edgebands will be taken off from the size of the material , check the option of the respective  edgeband, which thickness will decrease the size of the detail. If the taking off will be made for all edgebands, check the option For all edgebands.

Generate back panels between partitions  -  This option divides the back panel  in some areas between cabinet's end panels and partitions. If you want to exclude the generating of the back panel for any area, remove the mark in the list Areas for back panel generating. Each back panel has individual settings - position, edgbanding, distances and etc, which are different of the settings by default.  This is made in a separate windows (they are loaded by the buttons which taking place on the right of the fields with the sizes of each back panel). In next time loading of the basic window the settings of the first back panel will be established as a values for the main window, too.  The left mouse click on the preview of the  each back panel loads a window for change of its geometric shape

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