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Cabinets -Generated multielement units

Construction settings - End panels

Allows to define the cabinet's end panels' position, their  length and depth  and creation of various shapes.

inside-The entered value defines the distance of the cabinet's left end panel  along the cabinet length on the right (respectively the value for the right panel is the distance on the left).  If the option is checked, the bottom's length will be decreased with the entered values for a distance inside for the left and right panels. The length of baseboard or the legs' position will be changed too. The parameter inside changes the internal cabinet volume. At generation automatically  changes the position of the partitions and sizes of the shelves between them. This will change the  cabinet construction and the generated element nomenclature for calculation of the elements - materials.

front  - Defines the distance of the left and right panels inside-toward  the cabinet's  back panel,decreasing their depth. The parameter does not depend on the chosen construction.

back - Defines the distance of the left and right panels toward  the cabinet face, decreasing their depth. Parameter does not depend on the chosen construction.

Section  Edgeband on panels 

below, above - The parameters are  active irrespective of the cabinet design if the option  Edgeband casework  in the main module form is active.  

The panels (left, right) create an personal nomenclature for each edgeband - Cabinet left (right) panel  front edgeband, Cabinet left (right) panel back edgeband,Cabinet left (right) panel top, Cabinet left (right) panel bottom edgeband depending on the edged element sides. Besides you can set a different material  thickness  for each panel (it can be set  in the main module window).For rectangular details will be added the element thickness, too.

Grain direction - In this section are defined the initial sizes of end panels, which will be loaded in the list of details for cutting (nesting) in a window Elements for cutting and in export files to other nesting software (Cutting, Optimik etc.). The choice is made for each end panel personally. If the option On width is specified, the depth of the end panel becomes a length of a detail for cutting. The height of end panel becomes height of a detail for cutting. If the option On height is checked, the depth of  end panel becomes a height of detail for cutting, and the end panel's height becomes  length of the cutting detail. By default the option On width is checked.

Rotation- When the option is checked the sizes of the detail for cutting will be given as allowed for rotation in the list Elements for cutting (module Cutting  of materials). The the state of the option affects to the export files to other applications for cutting (Optimik, Cutting, Giben, Plan IQ, Ardis, Holzher....), too. If the option is not checked, the detail can be  rotated only if this was specially set in the list of the elements.

Design Sintez Professional

Attachment of furniture fittings for detail installation to the end panels - The fixing element is selected in the section Template schemes of fittings.  Left click on a element selects it, right click cancels the made choice. The kind of the element by default defines in Prameters by default, page Fittings. The section is enabled when the detail (left, right panel) is situated between the cabinet bottom and top.

Copy for left, Copy for right (end panel) - These buttons copy all parameters, which configurate the selected Template scheme of fitting and set them as settings for the opposite end panel. It is a useful operation for fast and easy equalization of the fixing elements for the two details.

The buttons Edit shape open a dialogue window for entering the end panels'  parameters. The mode of work is similar to the one, described in section Common operations for the cabinet details.

The possible deviation at the edgeband calculation  for rounded forms  is  5-10 % (with positive or negative sign).

Each end panel has its own layer for edgeband and material, namely: Cabinet right panel, Cabinet left panel, Cabinet right panel  edgeband and Cabinet left panel edgeband. 

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