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Units' Tests


Design Sintez is an open system which allows you to create and add new units,to configure them and the program settings at all. This becomes a reason for accumulation of superfluous units and elements. The purpose of this module is to allow the operator to clear program  structure for exacter and faster work.


Physically nonexistent files of units described in Units register and Archival- Checks for all saved units in Units register and  Archival units register whether they exist as physical files in a directory (folder) "C:\ACAD_PIC\BAZI". The not found files of units are shown in the list for their deleting from the registers, in which they were saved and from the menu.  Select a unit in the list and click on the button Delete.

Not entered sizes of units in relation to a unit of measure - Checks Units register and Archival  units register for units without entered sizes. The units without sizes can not be used from the program modules . The found units load  in the list for correction. Make the necessary changes and click on the button Save.

Not entered units in the menu- Checks the saved units in  Units register and Archival units register for not saved in the menu (library). The test result loads in a list, which you can print out, and then add the missing units in the menu (using operation Libraries with non-standard units).

Physically existing units not described in Units register and Archival - The module checks all files (units) in  the  directory (folder) "C:\ACAD_PIC\BAZI", whether they are entered in Units register and Archival units register. Not founded items are shown in the list for printing, which can be used for entering in the registers and addition in system. If any  of   these units is not necessary to you , you can remove it from a directory (select a respective row and click on the button Delete).

Incorrect records in Units register and Archival. Not found identifiers of the generated units. - The option checks Units register and Archival units register  for unfinished records on rows and on columns.  It makes a correction in the lists, entering a value by default: for numeric fields - "0", as a unit of measure - "pieces". The test ignores problems at reading of the registers from the program  modules because of the missing records. Automatically adds in Units register the not found identifiers (TS, TA, DA...), used by modules for registration of generated by them units. It is necessary to connect  the generated element nomenclature with the units in the job at the elements' (materials') calculating.

Duplicated records in Units  register and Archival - This test checks for:

  1. In Units  Register - for units with duplicated names. If there are, it deletes the  second from the duplicated units.
  2. Checks in Archival units register and deletes the found duplications.
  3. Compares the content of the two lists and if it finds a duplication, deletes the duplicated unit from Archival units register. The purpose of this test is to decreases the length of the lists. This speed up the program  work.

Test of the nomenclature - units with a measure "package"

Not entered in Nomenclature units with measure "package"-  All units in Units register with a unit of measure "package" are checked if they are entered in Nomenclature units. The test has an information character and applies  only to units, which are not generated and their elements have to be configured manually. Relates to the price offer formation.

Units entered into nomenclature without created configuration of the element base - Checks Nomenclature units for units without created element structure (not connected with elements) . The test has an information character and does not make logic checking for correctness of the connecting. Relates to price offer formation.

Discrepancies between the nomenclature units and their configuration elements in ID identification - Checks ID numbers in relation to the counter of the nomenclature, localization in the nomenclature of elements, for uniqueness. The incorrect units are shown in the list (only for information). Such problems become a reason for a wrong work of the  modules. If the  test  result  is positive, please connect with the the program support  service.

Test for interrupted nomenclatures - This test checks Nomenclature unitsNomenclature elements  and  Nomenclature units - elements  for empty massive fields, which describe them. The test deletes the found inconsistencies in the nomenclature. The erasing is made without screen message display.

The damaged nomenclature is a reason for incorrect work of the program. Therefore if the test find any problems, contact to us for elimination of the problem.

Test of nomenclatures - deletes the unused by system records

Before the beginning of the tests you have to restart the program and execute them in the service drawing Drawing without opening of other one.

Untied nomenclatures of units with drawings - Loads dialogUntied nomenclatures of units with projects. It contains a list with all units, which do not participate in the drawings. They can be deleted, which will  free all the element nomenclatures, connected to them. You can delete the untied with units  element nomenclatures, too (test Untied element nomenclatures with units). It will allow you "to clear" all  the nomenclatures  from unnecessary records. At the initial test of the units' nomenclatures the check will be executed for all existing drawings, opening them one by one. For the next tests the check will be executed only in the drawings in which are made changes in the period between the two tests.
NOTE: If you use both versions for AutoCAD 2000 and 2008 and higher versions on the same device, the test must to execute on the higher version

Untied Nomenclature units-elements with units - The purpose of the test is to check up for existing  Nomenclature units -Elements,  which do not belong to some unit from Nomenclature units. The nomenclature Elements - Operation (used in Design Sintez Professional) is cleared from superfluous records, too .

Untied element nomenclatures with units- The process of units'  generation with an element nomenclature adds  new records in Nomenclture elements . When you delete drawings, containing generated units, there are cleared only Nomenclature units and UNITS - ELEMENTS .  The added records in Nomenclature elements remain.That can be a reason for overflow of  the Nomenclature  elements The test creates a list with unused in the Nomenclature UNITS - ELEMENTS  element nomenclatures, which you must remove. It will speed up operations Price offer formation and Cutting of materials too .

Sequence of operations :

  1. Тest  Untied nomenclatures of units with drawings.
  2. Тest  Untied Nomenclature units Elements with units.
  3. Тest  Untied element nomenclatures with units.

These tests "clear" the nomenclatures. This respectively accelerates program work.

ATTENTION! The manually added  units nomenclatures and the elements, connected to them, are a subject of these tests too. Do not delete them (if it is not necessary, of course).

Element nomenclatures of edgebands which are not connected to units in the active drawing -This test checks and cleans the lists with element nomenclatures of edgebands, connected with non-existing in the current job units and described holes of details which are already removed from the job. Element nomenclatures of edgebands, connected with the non-existing in the current job units (deleted or modified) are deleted from the lists. The shorter lists in turn quicken the work with program and not least of the operations Price Offer formation and Cutting.

System test for work with drawings -  Includes subtests: 

  • Not existing drawings registered in Open project and Save project - Shows in a new window an information about physically nonexistent on your disk Folders, Subfolders and Jobs, existing in the lists of  these  two modules. Such discrepancy turns out when there is a unfinished operation Delete job as a result of blocking of OS or at wrong restoration of the program system Design Sintez with the existing database after disk formating. You can delete only  jobs from the list. The  Folders and Subfolders  must be deleted manually after an consulting with the programmer. 

Restore the jobs' lists -The test reads a folder (directory) C:\acad_pic\Proekti and makes a list of all main folders in it. Checks about presence of subfolders and their drawings.  On this basis creates a list with existing main folders, subfolders and jobs. It replaces the lists, used in the moment.

Use this test when the lists used for loading of the jobs in the form Open project FORM are damaged.

Deleting of backup (BAK) files of the drawings -  Creates a list of the backup files of the drawings from the working directory with jobs. You can delete some of them or the whole list. The purpose of this operation is to clean the disk and to free disk space.

Test of units

Capacity of nomenclatures- Shows the information about  free volume of nomenclatures.  There are similar fixed controls in those modules, which generate units and make records in the nomenclatures.

 Choose a test and press the button New test. To see a unit preview, select it and press button Preview.

The designations of file identifiers in  Units register  for the generated units are not shown (at all tests).

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