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Addition of 2D texts in the drawing

This module adds and changes already put 2D the texts in the project. You can enter the any texts composed from  letters, digits and marks without ",". You can copy text (Ctrl+C) and then insert it  (Ctrl+V) in the field Text.

How to add  text? - Enter the text into a field  Text. Press the button Adds  text in the drawing. Press the left button of the mouse on the screen to specify the text position. The font size must be entered into a field  Size.

How to change a text from the drawing?  - Click the button  Select a text from the drawing for edition. It returns you in the project to choose a text. Press the left button of the mouse on the text. Its contents loads in the field  Text. Make the necessary changes (you can change font size  too) and press the button  Text correction.

Texts  library:

The library contains frequently used texts. To add the text to it, enter a text into the field Text and press the button Add the entered text in library. If you want to load a text from library, mark it and press the button Loads from library. To delete text mark it in the list and press the button  Delete a text from library


Adding of arrow to the inserted text - Select the text for insertion and click on the button. Then press the button  Adds  text in the drawing. Select the position of the text and the arrow by left button click in the job. Right click and ENTER key end the operation.

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