Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Copying of unit

Sometimes some units in the drawing have  an identical design  and applicability (for example the bottom kitchen cabinets).  Their consecutive generating requires time. To not generate one unit in the project some times, use this operation. Copy necessary unit some times (how many times  it is necessary to you).

You can use the standard copying in the main vertical menu ("Copy" and " Create copy" )  if unit is not generated  and you do not want to change its sizes.In all other cases the copied  unit will be not registered in system of the project. The created method of copying in this module of the program registers all units, created by copying  in the project, independently of that generated or added  from the library. Press the button Name of unit for copying and choose unit, necessary to you, from the project. You can change the sizes of unit, which will be copied and  added in the project,  directly in the form (if it is necessary). When you make correction of copied unit it is necessary to have in view of, that the sizes of all elements of unit having the relation to it complete size, change (proportionally) too. It can become the reason for disproportionate appearance of elements of the copied unit.

To create a copy, press the button Create copy and specify the insertion point of  the new unit in the drawing.

Position on Z - Defines a position of the base point of created copy from a floor level of the room. By default  sets the position of the original unit( copied unit).

Fixes on Z - If the option is checked, the copy will be generated on the entered into the field height  (position of the original unit). If it is not specified, the position of the new unit will be  the position of the specified in the drawing point

Rotation -Defines the rotation angle of the created copy. By default sets an rotation angle of the original unit (copied unit)

Stops the generating for editing - This option concerns to copying of generated units (modules Cabinet, Corner cabinet).  It opens a form with the parameters of original unit for edition. The created copy is an  independent unit. It can be copied and changed. It can partcipate  in all operations, connected with price formation and cutting. The option is active by default.

The editing of sizes of the copied units generated by module  Additional elements is not allowed.

Note This operation is different than the Copy - Create copy operation from Vertical menu, which copies the modules only  physically, without creation of element nomenclatures and without registering of the units in the program system.

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