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Additional elements

The module generates one-element units with common applicability in the current job.You can create various forms based on the parameters, appropriate to each element. The units have functional applicability as independent units or additional elements to other units ("TA" -The units' identifier in Units register).

main window

Some units can generate an element nomenclature for the purpose of calculation the  expense of the  elements - materials (Price offer formation). Check option Create an element nomenclature, enter The nomenclature name of an element (free text without punctuation marks).

Save as unit- Uncheck the option if you  will use the generated element for creation of new unit with the module Creation of nonstandard units.

Layer of element - In the list are all registered layers in the current drawing. To create  a new layer of the generated element, enter its name into a field. In process of generating the layer will be registered and connected to an element automatically.

rectangurlar element round element
Triangular element Triangular element
partial ellipses partial ellipses

Radius is in the ratio from -1 up to 1 (value 1 creates semicircle)

arch rectangular decoration
rectangular decoration ellipse decoration 
arch arch
arch arch
poliangular element poliangular element
poliangular element decorative arch
decorative arch decorative arch
decorative arch L-shaped element
L-shaped element L-shaped element
Arch with shoulders


Rectangular - chamfered arch with shoulders



Radius is in the ratio from -1 up to 1 (value 1 creates semicircle)

wooden panel
Sphere Hemisphere
The generated additional elements can be edited  by module Unit correction.

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