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Measurement and display of the sizes of units and elements

Measures a distance between two points on the three axes of coordinate system. Click the button Measure in the form and specify in the drawing (pressing the left mouse button) two points one by one. Use a mode of intercepting of points of objects (OSNAP from the AutoCAD toolbar), for exacter measurement.

Show distance or corner, adding in the drawing auxiliary dimensional lines as a new object (not unit). 


Distance between two points

  1. Specify in the drawing Т1 as first (initial point)
  2. Specify Т2  as second (end point)
  3. Specify Т3 (position of the dimensional text). The specifying of this point is not required if any of the options Manual showing of position of dimension or Add size in the drawing are not checked.


Angle between three points:   

  1. Specify T1 for a basis of the corner
  2. Specify in the drawing T2 as first (initial point)
  3. Specify T3 as second (end point)
  4. Specify T4 for a position of the dimensional text. The specifying of this point is not required if any of the options Manual showing of position of dimension or Add size in the drawing are not checked.


  1. Specify the centre of a circle or arch for T1. Switch on the additional modes in OSNAP - > Object Snap.
  2. For T2 choose a position for the end of the size on the circle diameter. 
  3. Specify a point T3 for a position of the measurement text. The specifying of this point is not required if any of the options Manual showing of position of dimension or Add size in the drawing are not checked.

The sizes insertion makes in 2D view (view top, left view, right view, view front).   


The options of dimension have parameters by default in  system of the program. They can be changed. You have to know that when you scale the drawing,dimensional lines and the texts to them, are changed in a ratio 1:1 with the scale factor of the drawing, too.

Use the button Dimension to activate the operation. Specify  consistently the points in the drawing. If the option Manual indication  the position of the dimension is switched off, then you do not need to specify the third point, but the text will lie on the measuring line.

Section Edit a measurement is manual correcting the value of the dimension,when there are inexactness at initial dimensioning in the job.Press the button Select dimensioning and with left mouse button select the dimension line,that you need. In the numerical field under the button is load the value. Enter the new one or change the dimensioning settings and click on Correct the size.

measuring of unit

If you work with big and complex units or elements, you can switch off the options Show auxiliary lines and Show dimensional arrows, to decrease Size of arrows and Font size. If you don't want to add the sizes in the drawing, and want to know only the value (field Distance), uncheck the option Add size in the drawing (concerns only the current dimension). The button Delete all removes from the drawing all added dimensions. They can be deleted manually, too.

Text position on horizontal/Text position on vertical - specifies a position of the text and arrows between auxiliary lines in those cases when the line of dimension is short.

If you want to add the sizes of a unit in details and use more than one view (front and left):

  1. Open a new drawing.
  2. Add two times the necessary unit in the drawing.
  3. Rotate the first unit on 90 degrees or -90.
  4. Rotate in a view front and add the dimensions.

Automatic measurement of units in the drawing

The purpose of this operation is to facilitate the creation of a working drawing for the manufacture needs. The operation executes only in a View top. The operation executes in a service file gen_wyzel_ot_gore_COPY.dwg

Automatic measurement

List of participating in the drawing units for measurement - This section contains the list with all units in the drawing and their characteristics (sizes on X, Y, Z, kind and measure of unit). Select the units to which you want to add the sizes or names. Selection makes at pressed button Ctrl and choice with left mouse button for nonadjacent rows , (for adjacent rows press Shift) or drag with pressed mouse left button for adjacent. You have to define the font size. See for number of units to avoid the overflow of the drawing.

Generated units - models -  Contains a list of all groups of the generated units.  Select one or some groups. In the list  List of participating in the drawing units for measurement  automatically are checked all units in the job which belong to it  for measurement. 

Unselect all  - Uncheck all selected units in List of participating in the drawing units for measurement

Adds the names and sizes of the units - Adds the names of all selected units in the list. The textual objects (names) are 2D objects. They include the file names of units and their current sizes on X, Y, Z. If the names of the units overlay each other, then you can change their position manually or remove the  unnecessary. If it is necessary, use operation Scaling of the drawing for best visibility.  The font size of the names sets (or changes) in the window  Parameters of measurement  (button Parameters).

Delete names -Deletes all added names of units in the drawing.

Name correction - Corrects the names of already existing in the drawing units. Press this button. It returns you in the drawing. Choose the name for correction (cursor of the mouse becomes square). Choose object (name) pressing the left mouse button on it. The window with the text for correction opens. Make the changes and press the button Set. It's is necessary to have in view that the change does not reflect to the list List of participating in the drawing units for measurement  (only in the drawing).

Dimension - Adds sizes to all specified units in the list. You can move the sizes manually or to remove unnecessary in the drawing. The position of arrows directly depends on the depth of the unit. For deeper units the  line puts on larger distance.The room sizes are shown too. The  text font and arrows set in the same form. Here you  can set the colour of lines (arrows) and text  too.

Delete dimensions - Deletes all dimensional lines (arrows) in the drawing, including the sizes of the room. 

Parameters - Loads window Parameters of measurement. Here you can set (or change) the following settings: For the names of units - Font size. For measurement - Font size and Size of arrows, Colour of the text and arrows, Unit of measure (m., cm, mm.) and position of the text. The made changes save by the button Set

Dimensioning settings

Sequence of sizes - Here defines the sequence in which to be displayed the sizes of units between dimensional lines in the drawing.

Add sizes - Length, Height, Depth - Select these sizes which you want to be shown at dimensioning of the units. These which are not selected will be invisible on the drawing. This setting is actual for all kinds of dimensioning - in view front and in view top.

Adds a list of dimensioned units - When is enabled, to the the right of the dimensional sketch loads a list of units in the job with their sizes. Applies only to dimensioning In view front for perspective.

Section  Kind of dimensioning

View top - Makes dimensioning in a view top depending on the chosen parameters. Shows the units' sizes and room sizes.

example top view

In view  front for switching the perspective - This option creates dimensional scheme of the project in View  front. To see the result, turn the drawing in a view front and switch in perspective view.

dimensioning in front

To the right of the drawing there is a list with  the units and their sizes. This list consist  of  2D  texts, which elements can be changed by the operator (using module  Addition and correction of 2D texts in the drawing).

list for cutting

The names of the units and dimensional lines you can add always during work. It is necessary to know that if  there are added lines and you try to open these modules, which generate units, program will requires from you to remove them and then to continue operation. If you confirm, the removal of the names makes automatically. 

The operations  Add distance and Adds the names and sizes of units are independent and separate operations.You can add in the same drawing either only names of units or only their sizes or the both (in this case you have to execute the two operations consistently).

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