Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Layer - texture

This module allows to be attached by default concrete palettes to layers , that belong to respective nonstandard unit. Subsequently in module Texture libraries you will not  have to connect the layers of these units with palettes , because they will be automatically appropriated.

Layer - texture

The attachment of textures with layers is processing based on Full units register ,containing Unit register and Archival in module Units layers, where are registered units , participating in each unit. The ful list can be sorted by two criteria: to show a list of units with unconnected layers with textures (button Units with unconnected layers) or to load a list of those units, which layers are already connected with textures ( button Units with connected layers).

To address the palette to a layer , you have to point  in list Full units register the respective unit. Select a library  by double clicking on its name in the list Texture libraries. Connection of layers with palettes proceed by the same way as in Texture libraries.For the materials, included in libraries Glass and Metals are applied the  characteristics, set in Texture libraries---> Libraries ---> Parameters of the user libraries. For the other palletes will be applied their characteristics by default.

When you already have  attached palette to a layer and wish to connect another layers of the unit with the same palette, select the connected with this texture layer in the list (by left mouse button click on the row). Then use right mouse button click to copy palette. After that select the  missed layers and again use right mouse click to attach the copied palette to them.

Searching for a unit in the active list  - Purpose of operation is quickly to find the specified unit for connecting of its layers with textures. Enter into a field the user name of unit or its first symbols. If you want to find a next match in the beginning of the name, click on the button at the right of the field. For searching for a match as a part of unit name, click on the second button.

The operation is enabled for a layers of nonstandard units! It should not be used for generated units!