Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Blinds - curtains


   The module generates in (and only) in the current drawing units intended for supplement of an interior.  The units generated by the module are not subject to the automatically price formation.
   The curtains and blinds have a unit identifier in the Units register "TZ" with a unit of measure "number". It will initialize the units, generated by the module, when you work with other operations in the program.
   To generate Blinds or Curtain, enter the external dimensions: Length and Height (use the small buttons  taking place to the right of fields to measure them). They include cornice and curtain (respectively bands and rail). The curtain sizes decrease automatically with value of the cornice (rail's) height and rings. The parameter Thickness doesn't  enter manually. It calculates and saves  automatically during creation of unit.

Generates Curtain:
1.Model of cornice:  The parameters of the cornice are  given by default in optimum values for qualitative visualization.
2.Form of pleat protuberance: The models depend on the unit length, number and convexity of the plates. If the  length of unit is up to  101 cm. automatically sets 20 plates . For 101 up to 201 cm. number of plates is  40. For longer units - 60. You can change the number of plates manually. The optimum value for Convexity of plates is 2.

NOTE:  The number of  plates and their convexity must be coordinated with the unit length with the purpose  to avoid the crossing of plates and poor-quality image.

Blinds - For creating of blinds (horizontal or vertical) select model with the left mouse button on its image and enter the necessary parameters. Theblind and its rail have own layers for colouring. In the field   Angle of rotation of bands enter: 1. for fully closed blinds - 90 and 2. for fully opened blinds - 0.

The parameters of blinds and curtains, generated by the module, can be corrected with operation Unit correction. 

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