Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Basic rules

  1. The program only works on this version of AutoCAD, for which is intended the installation. It loads from by the icon for loading AutoCAD.
  2. Common unit of measure in program at entering income and outcome information can be in millimeters or centimeters. That is defined in module System settings. Changing the unit of measure proceeds in service job (Drawing) and is in force only for new jobs. For saved ones in force is old unit of measure.
  3. It's recommendatory to make backup of program database (Command manager ---> Create backup / Restore  system database ---> operation Automatic backup) periodically . 
  4. 3. Installation of other programs, which open automatically together with AutoCAD loading can block the work of the program Design Sintez
  5. The anti-virus programs slow down work of AutoCAD and program Design Sintez.
  6. Some anti-virus programs block the work of AutoCAD and program Design Sintez, forbidding the execution of VBA script files.
  7. An automatic drawing's saving after an exit from modules Insert unitsSave drawing in a graphic file FORM,  Light sources - User's systemUnit correction, Texture libraries (connecting of  layers with textures) and Group addition and deleting of units.
  8. The program uses three kinds of  parameters:system-basic (set by default in the program), parameters by default and current parameters.
    • Basic (system) parameters- they are global for the  entire program system  and can not be changed. At the initially instalation they set up as parameters by default. The restoring of the Basic parameters executes  in module Program parameters, operation Set the basic system parameters in a mode by default
    • By default- they are loaded with every new opening of some program module (if you do not use a template) and they are set as current for generating of the concrete unit. The parameters  by default can be changed in their section for each element as well as in window Parameters and controls by default in the module.
    • Current parameters - These parameters are related to the concrete generated unit or loaded templates.  They are assigning to the dialogs for setting-up the parameters  of all unit's elements (details). They can be changed by entering of a unique code for each unit at its generating.
  9. For all basic program modules, the fields for entering of distances and other fields which allow  to define zero value - The right mouse click into the fields nullifies the entered values.
  10. For all basic program modules, the fields for entering of distances and other fields which allow  to define negative value - Double click into the fields switches the entered values from negative to positive and  contrariwise.
  11. Build in help in dialogue forms - In working dialogues of main program modules is build in system for help information during the work. There are help texts for available options and parameters in field in down side of the respective working dialogue. The texts are loading at passing over concrete object – button , option , etc.
  12. At program converting from centimeters in millimeters the following elements don't convert:
    • Module Cabinet - The saved template schemes of non-rectangular shapes of shelves.
  13. The size of dialog windows can be changed by using the key combination: key shift  (hold it down) + left / right mouse button click.

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