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Creation of unit icon - step by step

  1. Open a new job and save it under a user name.
  2. Activate the module Insert  units, find the unit and insert it in the drawing.
  3. Connect all unit's layers with textures. 
  4. Add light sources in the drawing. The operation loads from Command manager ---> Light sources - user system. In section General sun light , activate  Turn on sun light. Set sun position on height and its turn angle. Click  Set   to apply the adjusted settings. If it is needed,you can change and the values for Brightness and Contrast and to save the new values with button Set in the same section.
  5. Set a view for rendering of the unit.
  6. Set the render parameters (click the icon properties in Manager of operations and commands). Set the parameters for rendering with buttons for automatic adjusting. Choose rendering In separate dialogue and set size of the dialogue for rendering 190x190.
  7. Click Render.
  8. Save the coloured image (Horizontal menu- File - Save). Specify path for saving: C:/acad_pic/bazi_ico. Enter filename equal to the name of the unit, which is designed icon in the field File name (For convenience copy the unit name in module Insert units (Ctrl + C - Copy the name, Ctrl +V to paste it)). From the drop-down list select Files of type: JPEG (*. jpeg, *. jpg). In JPEG Image Options window click OK.

If you work in a network or the database of the program is on the other device, save the icon in the same directory of the respective device. The file names of the unit and of the icon must be identical. Copy the unit name from the module Insert units (specify the unit in the library, press Ctrl + C for copying  and Ctrl + V for creation of the copy).

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