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Rendering a job –step by step

  1. Connect registered layers in job with textures. Operation loads from Command manager--->Texture libraries. Opens dialogue Texture libraries. In it select layer (or layers), which must be connected with one texture. The choice for next layers gets with pressing left mouse button over the first one + key Shift at the same time with pressing left mouse button for the last one. For non next layers are selected by holding on key Ctrl and with left mouse button mark their names in sequence.
  2. Choose a texture for connecting. To open library, double click  with left mouse button over its  name. Textures names represent and buttons for choice. Press single time the left mouse button for choice the needed texture. The last selected connects with the layers, marked at entering in the library. The textures load in the list for connecting with layers with their user names, written above the textures.
  3. After you have connected layers with textures, click  the button Set ,to finish the operation.
  4. Add light sources in job. Operation starts from Command manager--->Light sources - user system. Activate the option Turn on sun light in the section  General sun light. Set sun position on height and its turn angle and press Set  , to apply the adjusted settings. If it is needed ,you can change and the values for Brightness and Contrast and to save the new values with button Set in the same section.
  5. Creation of a view for job rendering - Go in Front view and start Camera (right mouse button over the working screen opens Command manager. There press button Camera). From contextual  menu choose Perspective. After you have adjust view for rendering , you have to save it .The operation starts from Command manager ---> Views. Enter name of the view and click Save the new view. To load the already existing one ,mark it in the list Views in job and click Set view.
  6. Rendering the job with texture - Starts from Command menager ---> Render job with texture. In dialogue ,that opens , choose parameters for rendering the job with buttons for automatically adjustment .You must have in mind that that higher values from the respective scale bring to increasing of the reflex light in premise and require more time for rendering. Choose a place for rendering and select Save image to a file.
  7. Click Render and wait till rendering execute.
  8. Saving of the rendered job - To view the saved  file, open again module Open drawing . Mark an option jpg/bmp into a field Preview  and press the right button on it  to see its full-screen  image. The right mouse click minimizes it again. Left click on the picture shows it as a full screen image.
    To edit the saved image with external program, mark it in the list and press the button Load.

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