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Mirror turnnig (rotation)

Makes horizontal or vertical turning of the selected unit in a view top. The rotation makes around the unit's base point. The original unit is not saved.

mirror turnning

The rotation can be made in two variants - rotation of a single unit and rotation of a group of units.

Rotation of single unit : Click on Choice of unit. The dialogue window hides, waiting for your choice of unit (press the left button on a contour lines of necessary). When you work with big drawings, you can zoom an area from the screen (the button with magnifier) or to execute the opposite action - to make seen the whole drawing on the screen. The file name of the chosen element from the drawing is shown to the right of the button. Select a direction of rotation (horizontal, vertical) using buttons. The key Turn rotate the unit around its base point and depending on selecetd direction.

Group rotation of units in the drawing: Click the button Group selection of units in the drawing.

The window hides temporally and the working screen becomes active. Select the units you want to rotate (specify an area  or select them one by one). After that press the right mouse button on the working screen. The names of the selected items will load in the list. Select a direction of rotation (horizontal, vertical) using buttons and click Turn button.

To delete an item from the list, select it and press the right mouse button.

After editing the unit will restore its original position. It is advisable to use  this operatin after the unit is generated in his final version and will not have to change  it. Moreover, if it has doors/ fronts to it , they must be added and then to rotate the whole set together.

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