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Standard system of price formation and automatic cutting - Step by step

A subject of price formation and automatic cutting are those jobs which contain units with created element structure or generated units (base cabinets, stands , doors, cabinets, sink cabinets). The manually configured units with a measure "package" participate in price formation and cutting, and those with a unit measure "piece" - only at price formation. To use the generated units, when you generate them, check an option Create the element nomenclature (the element structure creates and connects automatically). You can add up to 6 additional elements to the generated element nomenclature of each unit (from the existing in the Nomenclature elements). 

For the purposes of the prices formation all materials, with which the elements connects must have an entered price, and for the purposes of the cutting operation - sizes.

  1. Open a new empty drawing and save it under a user name.
  2. Insert in the drawing units with created element nomenclature to them or generate the necessary to you.
  3. Open operation Price offer generating.
  4. Activate the button Element's list and connect the  elements with materials (button  Choice of material).
  5. Press the button Offer. Opens a new Ехсеl or Open Office page, where you can edit the information. If you want to print out a detailed offer, check an option On units and press button Offer. Choose Cancel for not closing the page. Otherwise it closes (if you choose "Yes"  the sheet will be saved, if will choose "No" - the sheet will be closed without saving). The sheet saves in the file "C:\Proekti.xlc" (or "C:\Proekti.ods"). After the end of work close page in Excel (OpenOffice) with or without saving  (on your choice).
  6. Open operation Cutting. The module will be opened in an automatic mode of cutting (you have to be in  the original drawing at the moment of module activation). A form for a choice of continuation opens. The possible  variants are:
  • Section Reports - The reports, which can be generated are: Calculation on units / Total, Material expenditure, Specification on details , Total expense of materials on elements and Consumption by units.
  • Cutting materials on elements - Opens the window " Cutting of materials Cut Base ".  Choose a material  for cutting in the list Materials for cutting  with unit of measure sq.m.. Select the options of the cutting and press Set.  The original job will be saved  and closed. Opens a new drawing  for  execution of the cutting process. The received cutting maps can be printed.  Close the drawing.  To execute again the same cutting , you must be in the original job. After each change in the drawing you have to execute again the operation Formation of price offer before start of the cutting.
  • Export of the list of details to external cutting software -  The operation loads by clicking the buttons of the same name. You can create export files to Optimik, Cutting, PlanIQ and etc.
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