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   This module sets the printer settings and starts the printing of the job.


   Before printing, you need to install a system printer. See how this is done : for AutoCAD2000 and for AutoCAD2009 and higher versions .

   Before you print, select a printer from the Print device list. Change other settings as needed (objects visibility, drawing orientation, Print area and if necessary change the plot style). The style of printing by default is monochrome, but you can change it. Click Preview to see what will be printed. To exit the print preview and return to the Print dialog box, press ESC, press ENTER, or right-click and then click Exit on the shortcut menu. After all settings are made, start the printing with the Print button.

Here are the basic settings for printing:

Plot style:
The module uses 2 styles for printing:DS_Fill Patterns.stb and DS_monochrome.stb. They are saved in and can be selected from a folder Acad_pic\STB of the working device.  The print style by default is monochrome ((with black lines of the objects), but you can change this. The color of lines when is selected DS_Fill Patterns.stb depends on their color on the screen. The chosen style remains active for the next printing, but only for the current job. For each new job DS_monochrome.stb (monochrome style) is initially active.

Visibility of objects when printed - There are two possibilities:

  • Wireframe - Plots objects in wireframe regardless of the way they are displayed on the screen.
  • Hidden - Plots objects with hidden lines removed regardless of the way the objects are displayed on the screen.

Drawing orientation:

  • Portrait - The longer edge of the drawing is vertical and the shorter - horizontal.
  • Landscape - The longer edge of the drawing is horizontal and the shorter - vertical.

Plot area:

  • Print the screen content only - Prints the view in the current viewport in the selected Model tab.
  • Print the entire job - Prints the portion of the current space of the drawing that contains objects. All geometry in the current space is plotted.
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