Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Information about a unit from the job

The module gives an information about concrete unit from the job with the purpose its preview and editing. Gives complete information about the units, which are created by module Cabinet.

information about unit

  Click on the button Unit  and select a unit from the job by left mouse button click on it. Before this you can change the drawing view (if this is necessary). When the unit is already selected, again loads the working window  together with an information about unit - sizes, rotation angle, uniqueness code, its element structure, etc. You can select only one unit.

The order of the sizes of details can be changed having pressed the button in the upper right corner of a window. There are two variants: 1. To be shown the Length and Width of details or 2. The sizes of details to be shown in the or der Length-Height-Depth.

избира изглед - This operation allows  to change a view for a better visibility of objects during the selection of unit. Right click on the image loads all possible views. Left click on a concrete view sets it in the jobs. The repeated right click on a tape with views closes it.

Loads unit for editing - Activates an working window with a unit's settings for editing and repeated generation.

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